Avalanche Safety Information Exchange (Info-Ex)

The Info-Ex is a cooperative service managed by the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council (MSC) and has been running since 1998. It provides a daily exchange of technical snow, weather and avalanche information between organizations and commercial businesses that actively manage avalanche hazards during the winter months (e.g. heliskiing companies, ski areas and land managers).

The Info-Ex data base allows subscribers to input and view daily weather, snowpack and avalanche observations giving avalanche professionals access to data that is accurate and relevant. This information improves each subscriber's awareness of the conditions across New Zealand, greatly enhancing their ability to manage their local avalanche risks.

The Info-Ex serves as one of the key sources of data used by the MSC Backcountry Avalanche Advisory forecasters to produce and verify their avalanche advisories.

For more information on how to subscribe to InfoEx please contact admin@mountainsafety.org.nz