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Books and Tools - Avalanche



Avalanche Assessor Card This thick, durable plastic card is a fantastic tool for anyone heading into the back-country.


The Avalanche Assessor contains a simple checklist to help you make evidence-based decisions in avalanche terrain, including a mechanism to help measure slopes.


Avalanche Rescue Card
This thick, durable plastic card is a fantastic tool for anyone who may encounter an avalanche.


A simple checklist of what to do if you encounter someone caught in an avalanche, and how to use your transceiver.


Avalanche Card Combo

The Avalanche Card combo contains an Avalanche Assessor card and an Avalanche Rescue card. The cards are thick, durable plastic and are a fantastic tool for anyone who plans on heading into the backcountry.





Avalanche Awareness in the New Zealand Backcountry 2nd edition(2013, NZ)
Penny Goddard

An interesting and informative publication delving into the science and awareness of the avalanche terrain across Aotearoa/New Zealand. Now in its second edition.         



 Avalanche Accidents (2002, NZ)

Published by the Mountain Safety Council

Each year in Aotearoa (New Zealand) many avalanches occur which can injure or kill people, damage or destroy equipment and facilities and cause revenue loss.

This book describes the circumstances surrounding avalanche fatalities in New Zealand prior to 1999 with the intention of providing information to prevent future incidents. Includes photos, maps, tables and sketches.

Profits from this book are reinvested in the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council's Avalanche Programme.      



 Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain (2008, USA)
Bruce Tremper

This book provides easy-to-follow instructions on crucial avalanche safety skills. Completely revised with all of the most recent data and techniques. Ideal for snow mobilers, snow boarders, snow shoers, skiers, climbers, hunters and those who use avalanche terrain.






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