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Avalanche Forecast Disclaimer

This 'Backcountry Avalanche Advisory' is provided as a public service by the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council, Inc. It is intended as an advisory only. We intend to make all backcountry Avalanche Forecasts to be as accurate as possible, but please be aware that conditions in the mountains can change very quickly and without warning.

Those endeavouring to travel in the Southern Alps
and the mountains of the North Island, do so at their own risk.

We recommend travellers be well informed about current weather, snowpack and avalanche hazards. Backcountry travellers should not travel alone. All members of your party should wear a transceiver (457kHz) and know how to use it. In addition everyone should carry a shovel, and a probe. Travellers should advise someone where they are traveling, and when they will make next contact.

Avalanche Forecast Regions:
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