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Your observations can really make a difference. Timely reporting of notable avalanches and avalanche involvements is of great help in helping others. Please consider reporting as soon as possible so our Forecasters can use this information to create more accurate Backcountry Avalanche Advisories and educate others. These efforts help save lives.

Your observations, especially information regarding avalanche involvements is critical for ongoing research. It is also useful as a learning tool to help others understand how and why accidents occur and, hopefully, to help prevent further accidents.

You can report an observation Online or by Telephone.


It’s quick and as simple as putting a pin in a map and making some comments. You can also upload pictures to help people see what you saw. Here you can not only submit your observations, but also see what others have reported. There is a link from every regional and forecast page. Here is the example from Queenstown

EMAIL You can also send us an email direct to this address



Contact the Avalanche Centre directly to talk or leave a message with a forecaster

Call or txt 021 857 609 (June-Nov) - we will return your call


All avalanche reports are greatly appreciated, whether someone was involved or not. Please consider providing a report even if your party was not involved and you saw the aftermath or heard about it second-hand. You need not identify yourself or the people in the other party. 




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