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Issued at 28/07/2016 3:28pm. Valid till 29/07/2016 6pm


Current avalanche advisory
High Alpine

Above 2000 meters


1000 to 2000 meters

Sub Alpine

Below 1000 meters

Avalanche Danger Scale
Avalanche Danger Scale
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Primary Avalanche Danger

Dangerous Aspects
Danger Rose
Highest Danger Rating
No change
Time of day
Time of day
All day
Alpine level
High Alpine: Above 2000m
Alpine: 1000 to 2000m
Low Alpine: Below 1000m
The Avalanche danger rating is Considerable for continued wind slab development above 1000m. As freezing level falls you can expect to find further development of wind slab at lower elevations on slopes facing North East through to the South above 1000m. Expect continued development of wind slab into tomorrow. As storm impacts the region wind slab will increase in volume and may become 1m deep in placers. There is high likelihood of avalanches in the size 3 range. It will be reactive to the weight of a skier as wind slab meets critical mass. Even during development period of this wind slab there will a good chance in triggering an avalanche. Avoid sheltered features like rocks or cliffs on North East and Southerly aspects. Recommend avoiding steep and unsupported slopes, do some slope tests by jumping on small features with little consequences and look for signs of instability like cracking and slab movement. This will give you a good picture of the hazard your dealing with. Or just be patient and wait out this storm cycle before venturing out into the backcountry.

Recent Avalanche Activity

Recent Avalanche Activity
No recent avalanches reported or observed during the last 24hrs. Current weather conditions have been inhibiting travel and the ability to carry out comprehensive weather and snowpack observations.

Current Snowpack Conditions

Current Snowpack Conditions
Wind slab remains on sheltered eastern aspects above 2000m. I would suspect significant additional loading on this slab above 2000m since yesterday. New snow accumulations at 1600m were around 5cm and came in wet with strong bonding to old snow surface below 1800m. Above 1800m this wind slab will have a greater snow volume and be more reactive with weaknesses within the new snow developing . Lost of surface cohesion due to rain snow mix event this morning below 1800m. Snowpack is highly variable, other aspects have been stripped back to a hard ice layer and others have extensive rime.

Mountain Weather

Mountain Weather
Storm cycle has moved into the region bringing heavy snow showers. A decent burst of precipitation this evening then another first thing tomorrow morning. Gale North West winds tending Westerly coupled with continue precipitation for the next 24hrs. Freezing level falling to 1500m with snow possible to 900m.

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Sliding Danger

Slide For Life
Hard snow can still be found on exposed ridges, crampons and ice axes are advised

Forecast by Richard Te Ua

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